This Is Just The Beginning

The 2017 General Election is over and the people of Facebook have spoken. 

‘Get politics off me newsfeed fukin sick of it me! *insert several aggressive emoji faces*’ was the first anti-politics post I spotted today. I’ve no idea if the guy voted but probably not ‘cos ther all corrupt bastards anyway’ as he so eloquently put it.

After Labours surpringly great result, I actually thought the era of the angry and apathetic non-voter was over, but it appears not. The alienated and apathetic are the ones labour have been targeting and should continue to try bring into the fold. 

I’ve been ridiculously proud of some of my closest friends who were part of this demographic, and they actually went out and voted for the first time in their lives. I imagine it’s the same kind of feeling a dad in one of those shitty American high school movies gets when his son scores the winning touchdown and they’re stood on the bleachers beaming with pride. Many of my friends have never had any real interest in politics and have suffered from my incessant whinging for years. For them to finally join the fold, stroll down to the polling station, and throw an ‘X’ into a box makes me stupidly happy. 

It’s these people who’s newsfeeds I’ve annahilated with rants, stats and articles who I don’t want to infuriate to the point where they aren’t bothered anymore. They’ve dipped their toes in and hopefully will dive straight in over the coming months and years.

I decided to set this blog/page/whatever the hell they call these things nowadays up so I can rant and rave to my heart’s content without filling people’s Facebook feed with my opinions about politics and other stuff that they don’t really want to hear. If people wanna read this, cool. If not, that’s cool too. 

I’d really like to get other people involved with this though, so if anyone wants to make an input feel free to message me on here or Facebook.

There’ll be more to come.